We are a team passionate about what we do.

We love seeing people have a good time. And you can be sure that we enjoy it, too! We love what we do. In Team Experiences, our aim every day is to make as many people as possible smile.

We want to leave you open mouthed. We want to surprise you.

Yes. We like to be on the fun side of things. That is what dedicating ourselves to making people happier is. Can you think of anything better? Motivation and passion for working in a team. That is our guideline and what we wish to transmit to you. Are you ready for the adventure?

A bit more about us.

The team making up the Team Experiences is composed of professionals who have been working for more than 10 years in the world of events. Therefore, experience enables us to offer you all our knowledge and to offer activities and events at a higher level.

We organize Activities & Experiences

How we work

Although no two groups are the same, we do follow a system because we know it works. In Team Experiences we know that the first and most important thing is to know what you need and what you expect from us. That is the principal thing to design your made to measure experience.

We listen to you

This is the beginning. We listen to what you are looking for and what your aspirations are.

We confide in you

We have thousands of ideas. We advise you for you to choose the best.


We build together

We have a plan. Now it only has to be put into practice. Shall we begin?

Efficiency, Excellence, Experience

Many clients have entrusted their group activities and events to us. We have been able to surprise them all. Are you up for trying us?

More than 700 events completed

More than 300 satisfied clients

Work Groups

Working in a team has never been so much fun.

Let's make a Team

Thias will always help the event to succeed better.

Groups of Friends

Looking to do something different?

We work all over Spain.

The possibilities offered in Spain are limitless. Any activity you choose will be a hit because the surroundings will make it special to ensure the result is always better than expected. You will leave wanting to return!