Activities on the Sea.

On the sea or the beach, playing sport or relaxing, looking at the landscape from the sand or a boat. A relationship with the sea is something we all enjoy. Team Experience gives you the option to indulge as never before. As well as inspirational it is going to be great fun!

A boat trip.

Meaning a lunch or dinner. We can organise any type of event on a boat, large or small. Just enjoy the trip or we can organise a party or meal with friends or colleagues. We give you all the options and you choose.

Informal or formal?

It is not the same to organise an event on a boat or on the beach for a company or for a group of friends. We are experts at both. Or it may be that your colleagues are also your friends! Over the years we have organised multiple activities of this kind and know what works.

Relaxing or fun?

That is for you to decide. We create the atmosphere you choose. Just tell us your idea and we shall propose an activity specifically designed to measure for you and your group.

Team building on a boat or on the beach?

These are some of the most requested activities, and also the most fun. The sea creates a special atmosphere, inviting people to bond. We can offer you activities that increase that bond in your team.

Team Experiences - Activities and Experiences

Work Groups

Working in a team has never been so much fun.

Let's make a Team

This will always help the event to succeed better.

Groups of Friends

Looking to do something different?

We work all over Spain.

Spain is surrounded by seas and oceans with all the possibilities they offer. Do not hesitate to contact us about any part of the peninsula, Balearics and Canaries. We can help you all over Spain.

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